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Electronic Back Posture

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Of all the things you wear, your posture is the most important!

Poor posture affects your health, confidence and ultimately your mood! Smart Intelligent Induction Posture Corrector is designed to improve your posture. It reminds you when your posture is incorrect, which helps you get rid of back pain, fix a hunchback and correct your rounded back.

This ingenious Smart Posture Corrector uses an intelligent sensor & alarm system to improve posture and give support to key body areas to align your neck, shoulders, upper back, and spine. It senses bad posture (if the user’s back is bent for more than 25 degrees). It then sets off a vibrating alarm to remind the user to straighten up.

  • REAL TIME MONITORING The intelligent sensor vibration reminder can real-time monitor children’s posture problems, when the hunchback bends more than 25°, the corrector will automatically vibrate to remind immediately. Cultivating body memory of correct posture scientifically, to change bad habit within 3 weeks.
  • EFFECTIVELY SOLVE THE PROBLEMS CAUSED BY VARIOUS WRONG POSTURES This smart posture corrector can help you Open shoulder and straighten back, raise your head and chest out, improve sloping shoulder. Reduce neck, shoulder, upper back pain. Prevent myopia caused by poor sitting posture.
  • SUITABLE FOR KIDS AND ADULT Non-slip buckle design, easy to adjust the length, suitable for children and adult. One-button operation, easy to use. The switch position is designed to be easy to turned on/off by yourself without the help of others, can be easily worn by both adults and children.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN The smart posture corrector conform to ergonomic designs, fit the body curve. Adopts quality nylon strap, high elasticity, reduce shoulder pressure. Perfect for adults, kids to correct posture.


Smart Posture Reminder – When the user’s back is bent more than 25 degrees, the back reminder will automatically sense and immediately activate the vibration alarm. This trains your body to adopt correct posture naturally.

Invisible Under Clothes – It’s small and you can easily wear it under your clothes.

Comfortable – lightweight, soft, porous ventilating materials that keep your skin comfortable. High-elastic nylon belt is designed for comfort and won’t dig into your skin.

One Size Fits All – You can adjust the size. It’s suitable for adults and also kids.

Long Battery Life – 500mAh polymer lithium battery and can be used for about 15 days after 1 hour of charging. It is easy to charge by connecting USB cable.



  • SIZE: Universal and adjustable
  • COLOUR: Grey
  • WEIGHT: 0,19lbs (85g)
  • CHARGING TIME: 1 hour
  • BATTERY LIFE: 7-10 days
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Smart Posture corrector and USB Charging Cable

Note: Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting. Thank you and nice day!


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