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Guee Neck Massage Cushion

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Perfect Remedy for Neck Ache! Guee Neck Massage Cushion fro Rs 1450/- only

If neck ache pays you visit every day then welcome it with Guee Neck Massager. A perfect massager that will take all your aches, stress and knots. Work with 2 AA batteries and quickly ease your ache. Ergonomic designed perfectly fits in your neck and shoulder. It’s an instant personal massager that ease your pain wherever you want. You feel relaxed after using this. It’s very lightweight and portable. Carry it with you when you travel it can be a very relaxing travelling partner.

Say hello to this massager in your life and say good bye to stress neck & shoulder pain. Place your order now for Rs. 1450/- and enjoy every moment of life that you used to miss because of pain!

Ease your ache!

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