Monkey Balance Educational Toy (Baby Times Originals Exclusive)

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tart monkeying around with Monkey Balance—a fun and interactive game for kids to learn simple addition and subtraction! Simply grab a card and put the correct quantity of Monkeys on one side of the scale, and the corresponding Number on the other side to balance the scale! Go bananas when you collect five cards! Monkey Balance is the perfect way to start early math learning


  • Helps foster and develop critical skills such as sorting, problem-solving, color and number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction, and fine motor skills
  • This game teaches basic counting and beginning math skills and encourages retention through stimulating multi-level math games.
  • The ideal teaching tool for parents, families, and teachers looking to encourage and reinforce multi-dimensional learning at home, school, nursery, and during tutoring session
  • 3 DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Green (Starter), Purple (Medium) and Blue (Hard)

Package Includes:

  • 19 monkeys
  • numbers 1–10
  • 30 double-sided cards
  • monkey scale
  • 2 scale pans
  • 1 easy-to-read instruction leaflet

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