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U Shaped Pillow Portable Neck/Shoulder Massager

4,999.00 3,999.00

  • 200 delivery charges
  • Exquisite workmanship, practical and beautiful.
  • Press the lock to adjust, convenient and durable.
  • You can choose the massage mode and rhythm that suits your needs.
  • Based on the design of the three-point central part of the human head, it can maintain a balanced sleeping position regardless of the direction of the head and the bending of the neck.
  • The heating button can adjust the temperature position, so you can experience the relaxed state from low to deep.Adapt to massage temperature requirements under different conditions.
  • After adjusting the repeated soft and hard sleep feeling, the head and neck are subjected to the strength by choosing a slow, high-density rebound memory cotton to flexibly adapt to the change of sleeping posture.
  • Suitable for office, car, rest, easy to carry, is a good helper to relax under pressure.

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